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    Cultural routes


    Vil·la Casals

    We would like to have the pleasure of inviting you on a virtual trip where you are able to discover the life of Pau Casals. This tour begins in the house where he was born, where you will learn about the humble family ambience in which Pau Casals was brought up, moving on to the local church in El Vendrell where the historical baroque organ can be found, an instrument that Pau Casals began to play when he was just nine years old. Finally, you’ll finish the tour by visiting Vil•la Casals, Pau Casals’ summer home, which has been converted into a magnificent, modern museum, where you will re-live the most exciting moments from the life of this famous cellist.

    You can also visit various other tourist destinations within the town to complete the route, such as the grave of Pau Casals at the Cemetery of El Vendrell; the famous sculpture of Pau Casals by Josep Viladomat, located in the Plaça Nova; the chapel of Sant Salvador (11th - 12th century); the monument dedicated to Pau Casals by J. M. Subirachs, in J.S. Bach square, and finally, the Pau Casals Auditorium, offering an organised music programme throughout the year, a highlight of which is the Pau Casals International Music Festival in summer.

    Vil·la Casals
    Casa nadiua Pau Casals
    6,50 €4,00 €
    Vil·la Casals
    Auditori Pau Casals
    8,00 €6,00 €
    Musical sundays
    The visit includes the Vil.la Casals-Pau Casals Museum and a concert at the Pau Casals Auditorium.

    This ticket is valid for the Autumn and Spring Cycles and Young Performers concerts.
    Previous reservation for the concert is required.
    This ticket is not valid for the Pau Casals International Music Festival or the Jazz Cycle.


    Museu Deu

    20th century contemporary Catalan art is on exhibition in two museums of the city. The Apel•les Fenosa Foundation presents an outstanding collection of the artist’s original sculptures in terracotta and plaster, as well as a selection of monumental bronze statues. The Déu Museum has a varied collection of art (with works of art from the 12th to the 20th century) which are displayed in a very attractive and original exhibition in the Sala de les catifes (hall of rugs).

    Fundació Apel·les Fenosa
    Museu Deu
    6,00 €3,00 €


    This broad cultural offer includes a visit to all the museums of the city.

    Casa nadiua de Pau Casals
    Casa Museu Àngel Guimerà
    Vil·la Casals-Museu Pau Casals
    Museu Deu
    Fundació Apel·les Fenosa
    Museu Arqueològic
    8,50 €5,00 €

    Itinerari Literari pel Vendrell 2013

    Vil·la Casals

    L'itinerari literati es fa pel centre històric del municipi del vendrell, on es recorren els carrers de la vila a través de textos d'autors locals i de la seva vinculació amb la societat de finals del segle XIX.

    Es visiten 15 escenaris diferents on s'explica la seva referència amb el passat i present, i es llegeixen textos en veu alta d'autors com Àngel Guimerà, que centra en bona part la ruta.

    VisitaPreuSocis IEPSocis TR3SC
    Itinerari Literari pel Vendrell 5,00 €3,00 €2x1

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